I am asked more frequently nowadays to give motivational speeches on balance and well-being by highly productive and ambitious companies in Asia and overseas.

I feel honored that these highly capable and efficient companies are seeking to find balance in their lives to better their employees and that I am able to shed light on this important topic. But let me ask again, is balance REALLY what you are seeking?

Before I go into the 5 tips to balance your life, you must ask yourself if balance is truly what you want. Because if your company’s goals is to grow in productivity or efficiency, balance can conflict with those goals.

grow self-awareness

Here are my 5 tips to help balance your life (from easiest to hardest):

  1. Find your priorities in life and follow through.

I remembered when I was physically sick for a year in 2018 and felt dizzy except for during sleep and while driving (moving forward), I felt terrible. I was asking myself what have I done wrong in my choices to feel this way and if I was so smart, shouldn’t I be super healthy and happy?

What I realized was that my priority at the time was due to my mentality of feeling poor and my top priority was to make money! Let me tell you what I learned – if you feel lack and your priority is to make money, you will not be able to find balance in your life.

Extra tip: Ask yourself where your lack mentality comes from and work backwards from there.

2. Physical exercise is essential for a balanced life.

When my priorities were my kids, husband, money and career and I was last, I had no health. I was feeling tired because I was over-stretching myself and felt I had the role of superwoman to live up to. It was my flaw to think that I was superwoman and that I needed to save my family and kids. That’s when I decided to put me first.

Me time was yoga and yoga was the form of exercise that slowed me down while keeping my body linked to my breath. So I was actually meditating while keeping balance and fit. I love sweating and the never-ending challenge that yoga gave me. I love my teacher who invest so much of her time into helping us grow into ourselves and I highly recommend you find your form of ‘yoga’. Be sure to stay consistent.

3. Find your life’s purpose.

I realized my life’s purpose is to use my talent in communications to bring joy to the world. Communications is an art and I find that I’m not only good at it but I absolutely love it. I love performing arts and I integrate all of those aspects into my work as a Host/Emcee, Actress, Voice-over Artist and now as a Confidence Coach.

When you are doing what you love and passionate about, you will automatically be motivated. Balance will come when you are giving out positive energy. That is balance.

What’s your passion?

4. Heal your relationships.

We need love. Everyone needs it in order to live happily and our relationships with those closest to us needs to be healthy in order for us to feel happy. Balance leads to happiness and we need to rise above any past strife to heal them so we can let go of our righteousness and free ourselves from pain.

Are you courageous enough to do that?

5. Work on your shadows.

We are all born imperfect so we have something to work towards. Do not seek perfection but acceptance. When you have understood the origins of your shadows (past sufferings) and where they originate, you will be able to make the choice to keeping it (to continues to allow it to tie you down) or to let it go.

I hope you find these tips helpful to improve your life and I invite you to join my INSPIRED VOICES Community if you are seeking support in following through with your path towards balance and peace.

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Sending you all peace and love,

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