Everyone talks about success as if it’s something that after you acquired it, it will stay with you forever. Just like love, I don’t believe you can BUY love. Love is an action + an emotion which requires continuous effort in order for it to last.

As in all relationships and business, you need to put in continuous time, effort and energy to make it work. That’s the space where resilience grows.

Ask any successful person whether in business or in life, they will tell you of their failures and how they overcome their adversities over and over before they got to reap their present day rewards. They are passionate and I feel this happened to me.

If you listened to any of my featured podcast or the You Are Able series, I love hearing human stories and how we overcome our challenges to become who we are today. Now as an adult, I healed myself from feeling like a 3rd world immigrant, a victim of racism, imposter syndrome and curing intergenerational karma by growing self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Yes, you probably think that I used my insecurities to motivate myself to be successful. And if you thought that, then you’re right. In the past, I used often my NOT GOOD ENOUGH emotions to motivate me to achieve success.

But what I didn’t tell you is how to grew resilience by doing things I didn’t want for years which made me learn to adjust my perception. That was during my years working at my parent’s restaurant (Kam Wah 28th) that trained me to become who I am today.

The Able who never says, “I can’t. I am going to fail or I am not enough.” Because I did not grow up HAVING comfort handed to me.

I learned that no matter how hard life was or how difficult it seemed, it trained me to follow through, to keep trying and to never let fear paralyze me. That when you step up and push beyond your comfort zone, you can achieve!

Now I dare to say YES to a role and become a Hollywood Actress, a Celebrity Host, an Entrepreneur and Business Woman and a Mother/Wife. When you keep trying, accepting what life hands you and keep on learning, you will see your potential and you will feel a sense of fulfillment as your reward.

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Sending you all peace and love,

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