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Guide to Becoming A Great Presenter


Our e-book is designed to give you a step-by-step guide to becoming a great presenter.


Guide To Becoming
A Great Presenter

Fearful of speaking in front of others or being interviewed? New to creating your brand online or in-person? Not sure how to market or present yourself for growth? Want to expand your presenter career but don’t know how? Want to be heard but people don’t listen?

Then our Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Great Presenter eBook is just for you!

Learn how EASY better communications can help YOU to grow your influence, build your confidence and expand your career!

If you are looking into a group or 1-on-1 training (in-person or online) on Becoming a Great Presenter Development Program that consists of 4-sessions, please email us or register for our services!

Become a better version of yourself and remember, YOU ARE ABLE.


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This ebook gives you 10 Easy steps to go from “I ain’t speaking” to “I’m Becoming a Great Presenter!”

  • Are you fearful of speaking in front of others or being interviewed?
  • Are you new to creating your brand online or in person?
  • Are you not sure how to market or present yourself for growth?
  • Do you want to expand your career but are not sure how?
  • Do you want to be heard? Then this eBook is just for you!

This ebook is generous in its tips & tools offered by one of the Best Presenters in the Industry! It contains practical and shared tips from 16+ years of real-life experience.

This is a great book, written for:

– YouTubers, TikTokers, and online shops owners, wanting to improve their communication skills
– Seasoned and starting digital marketers
– Beginners in public speaking
– Busy professionals, teachers, presenters
– Students, who wish to leverage presence within peer groups and impress professors during exams

“Skills, tools, tips, and tricks of a good presenter, laid out plain and simple by one of the best in Asia. A must-read for anybody aspiring to work in entertainment for media industry or just to be a better presenter.”


THB฿ 129.00

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What’s Inside?


Putting Your Thoughts Down


Developing Presence


Have Someone Review Your Blueprint


Ready to Perform!


Body Language and Cultural Awareness


Bonus Materials!

Making Yourself Stand Out, etc.

Step 1: Why Speak At All


Before you even prepare for a speech, you have to ask yourself WHY? WHY am I willing to share or even say anything? You MUST have the drive and passion to be willing to share your ideas with others. That requires courage and inner strength.

Before you even have an IDEA, you have to have the willingness to WANT TO SPEAK and believe that your ideas are worth sharing with others. Otherwise, don’t speak at all.

Are you going on stage at a conference? Are you speaking online over the camera? Are you going to an interview for college or a job?

Be sure you are all in with your beliefs that your words are worth listening to and know that what you say matters. Then get to know your audience by doing research on who they are so they can relate to you.

Believing in yourself is an important first step to getting out of your comfort zone. And to be out of your comfort zone is the path towards growth!




Are you working on your personal brand? Growing your influence? And/or establishing your presence with a small or large audience?

“Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Great Presenter”, an eBook by Able Wanamakok, is the book to help with all these. The book is packed with practical tips, lots of meaning, and long-lasting effects.

All clients who sign up for our programs automatically receive a copy of the eBook.


THB฿ 129.00


Simple & Brilliant! This book is generous in sharing tips and tools from one of the best presenters in Asia. A must-read not only for professionals looking for a step-by-step guide to excellence but for whoever wants to improve their communication skills.

Liana Rader, Holistic Wellness Coach & Healer

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About The Author!

able wanamakok

Able is originally from Hong Kong and immigrated to America at the age of 10 with her family. Her multi-cultural upbringing, talent with languages, and adaptability to new environments allowed her to grow her successful broadcasting career whilst living in a foreign country.

Able is a multi-talented International Artist who can perform as an MC/Moderator in three languages (English, Thai & Cantonese-Chinese). She is also a VO artist, Producer, Actress, and Coach who received the Asia Woman Leaders Award 2019 and Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

A motivational speaker who speaks all over the world including on the TEDx stage, she teaches Speaking Confidence at Int’l Schools and trains professionals on how to grow their influence and find their worth so they can expand their horizons.

Down to earth, Able’s kind yet vivacious personality always aims to give first. Her goal is always to share joy through her work and hope to enhance others’ lives through her gifts.

Learn More About Able.

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