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We empower individuals to communicate honestly and openly to find their voice & to grow holistically through high-quality personalized coaching services.


Voice ASIA

Whether you are a lost soul looking to find your voice, trying to become more influential online as a blogger, improving your confidence before speaking at an interview or a conference, an aspiring Presenter ready to get into the entertainment industry, or looking to improve your mindset through holistic mindset coaching, we’ve got you covered!

Find Your Voice Asia (FYVA) is a team of coaches and trainers who want to guide YOU to communicate honestly, openly, and from your heart. We lead individuals through the formative process of going beyond one’s ego through communication coaching and helping you find your true authentic self and use your natural strengths and talents to nurture relationships with yourself and others.

Let us help you clear your fog!

GROW YOUR Influence & FIND YOUR Voice

Our communication coaching services help you grow your influence, discover your voice, ace an interview, grow professionally as a presenter, and communicate authentically with yourself. Whatever your goals are in communication, we’ve got you covered!

job interview pre university training

Job Interview/Pre-University Training

Are you looking forward to acing that job interview or preparing for a university entrance interview? Then this program is for you! We help you train on how to ace an interview and provide you with an opportunity to practice with a pro. This leads to lesser stress, lessened anxiety, better results, and closer to your goals!

For Whom

High school students heading into University or Job seekers looking to ace that interview in any industry.

What's Included

High-quality & personalized coaching between 60-90 minutes for each interviewee. We help you improve on what you feel challenges you the most.

discover your voice

Discover Your Voice

Are you aiming to become more comfortable in your own skin? Do you want to improve your well-being by growing a more positive outlook? Do you want to understand yourself and others and build healthy relationships within and with other people? Want to learn to accept and love yourself? Then, this program is tailored to accomplish just that!

For Whom

Anyone seeking to improve themselves at the beginning stage of their communication coaching experience. As our most popular program, past clients include children (12+), teachers, doctors, models, and other coaches.

What's Included

High-quality & personalized coaching between 60-90 minutes for each coachee. We listen to what you want first & foremost and cater our coaching style to fit your needs. Life mentorship/advice could be offered.

able wanamakok

Confidence Mentorship

This program is aimed at helping you with overcoming your fear of public speaking; growing your influence & building your career; developing and nurturing your ‘Able’ mindset; enhancing your listening skills; preparing for a speech, presentation, or, conference; and launching or grow your brand online or make online videos.

For Whom

Those seeking specifically to improve their confidence whether it’s a self-perceived lack of confidence, conditioned mindsets that are hard to overcome, or a desire to grow in their career.

What's Included

Mirroring, empathic listening, mentorship, philosophical concepts, and life experiences will be shared.

brave heart - empathic communications

Brave Heart - Empathic Communications

Are you looking to enhance your self-communication and awareness? To go beyond your ego and mend those relationships? Overcome anxiety or fear and change your lifestyle for the best? Our Mindset Coaching is one of the most advanced programs where we guide you to look deep within to transform into the diamond that you are. This is personal growth to its core! Only brave souls here.

For Whom

Those who have internal conflicts whether created through relationships or within self. If you need courage, reflection, or just need guidance to help find your true self.

What's Included

Mirroring, empathic listening, honest feedback, life sharing, and pinpointing key mental patterns help you push beyond your normal consciousness.

presenter coaching

Presenter Coaching

Join this program if you would like to develop your skills to build a career in mass communications; enter the entertainment industry as an Actor, Pageant, TV Host, Emcee, or News Anchor. Through this program, we will help you build your media portfolio, and build performing skills through communication, body language, and using your vocal toolbox. All of these are essential to becoming a great presenter!

For Whom

Aspiring performers, actors, presenter, pageants, TV Hosts, or anyone who wish to build a career on stage or in front of the camera. Only those truly committed will be accepted.

What's Included

Lifetime experience training with one of the best in the industry to give you a kickstart to your career. This tough Bootcamp will get you ready to become the star that you are!

CLIENT Testimonials

We’ve worked across various industries including education and schools, hotel and hospitality, and corporate companies. Our clients include other coaches, students, pageants, executives, and anyone who wishes to become the best version of themselves and find their voice.

Here is what our previous clients say about us!

"The moment I hear the word “Public Speaking”, I feel nervous, my palms sweat, my stomach ties itself into knots. My heart beats so fast. My face turns red! I don’t want to do a public speaking. But thanks to the Public speaking workshop hosted by Khun Able! She inspired me so much that I can overcome my fear of public speaking with some simple tips I learned from her…There are techniques to overcome fear or nervousness! There are even ways to harness my energy in a positive way . I’ve learned that speaking skills are important to getting ahead in a professional setting. By just looking at her speaking with all the confidence and positivity she has, she will really make a difference in your life!"

Janet Margallo
Teacher from Kajonkietsuksa School

"I’ve known Able for over 5 years through the local expat community of Phuket and also on a professional level where she has MC’ed big events. Able is a person that gives 100% all the time, she is very passionate and professional. The minute I saw her program “ Find your voice” I knew this would be a PRICELESS experience for my daughter, and I was right. Able is amazing with the children and my little 6yr old has already shown growth and a bit more forthcoming personality in group gatherings. She is actively getting more involved and also voicing her thoughts across with no difficulty. Something that will be invaluable as she grows. The program is also geared to give the children a sense of pride and to just be yourself. Something every parent would agree is so important and I’m happy to see my little one thoroughly enjoying herself."

Justin Swart
Hotelier and Father

"Speaking in front of a crowd is my challenge, it’s completely different from speaking in person. I think many people like me always feel nervous when public speaking. When I first saw K.Able video hosting those events or her professional presentation. I think she has excellent speaking skills. She guided and coached me on how to go with the flow. For people who want to improve their speaking skills or overcome their barriers with her tips and techniques would benefit you."

Sunhanut Leesakul
Sales from Hilti

"Able and I shared a stage at the 2021 Global Women's Leadership Summit hosted by Corporate Diva. There were over 700 attendees at the event. I was so impressed with Able's speech, she not only covered a sensitive topic (Imposter Syndrome) but she did it with grace, depth and kept the audience engaged. I would highly recommend her as a speaker at any event."

Rachel Duffy
Parenting Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

"Able comes from a space of deep understanding of what it takes to embrace your Authentic self. A coach backed by a journey of self discovery is an asset as you know they'd relate to you coz they've been there conquered that. My best wishes to Able, a purpose led professional. A pleasure interacting with her for the Corporate Diva summit 2021!"

Dipika Trehan
Global Mentor, Advisory Board Member of Corporate Diva

"Able conducted a webinar for our global speaker community at KeyNote Women Speakers on Empathic Communication. She is a true expert in the field, and I appreciate her holistic approach to being the best possible presenter. She embodies the real, practical advice she gives, making her an inspirational role model for all that she preaches. The feedback from our participants, including those who have been professional speakers for years, was overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to collaborating with Able much more in the future!"

Mette Johansson
Speaker, Trainer, Coach Consultant, and Entrepreneur

"I cannot recommend Able more highly as a coach. She is a consummate professional, with a vast amount of Knowlege and experiential information to share from the specialist areas within which she excels and works. As a coach her ability to connect with the individual or audience are exemplary. If you are looking for a coach to work with in these fields then look no further....she’s the best in the business."

Stephen O’ Reilly
Functional Longevity Coach and Nutritionist

"Able is a seasoned practitioner of public speaking. I had numerous presentation, public speaking and media trainings throughout my career, but Able has provided me the most practical and effective guidance. Her coaching style covers more holistic approach to public speaking, rather than just theoretical elements of delivering good presentation and speech. Her coaching has already helped me tremendously in better audience engagements & delivery of key messages."

Kazunari Fukui
Chief Marketing Officer, ASEAN, General Electric

"It's my first time to meet Miss Able and I was so surprised that she gave us a very interesting interaction in her Public Speaking Workshop. It was amazing that we learned how to build our confidence to talk in front of many and share our thoughts and point of view. She talked very professional and with a very good sense of humor. Thank you for sharing. I hope we can work again."

Judith Zabat Sampat
Teacher from Kajonkietsuksa School

"I’m delighted to collaborate with Able. She is one of the most talented, focused and energetic professionals I have worked with. Able always overdelivers her promises. My highest recommendations."

Dr. Oleg Konovalov
Global Thought Leader, Trusted Advisor, Author, #1 Global Leading Coach, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, TEDx and keynote speaker, author of The Vision Code

"This seminar was so much more than just a professional giving tips on public speaking... Ms. Able worked her magic on us all and turned a group of reticents into sharers! Personally, I had a truly wonderful day, digging deep, and uncovering the roots of some of my personal stumbling blocks regarding public speaking and overall confidence. Thank you so much, Able, for an unexpectedly therapeutic experience! And for the excellent practical tips for those scary speech days!"

Roxy Cameron
Teacher from Kajonkietsuksa School

"I'm not comfortable with public speaking but Able's workshop really helped me to focus on areas that made me uncomfortable. Able made the environment warm and friendly and put us all at ease with various activities. I had been nervous about attending but I had no reason to be! Thank you Able!"

Charlie Dunford
Teacher from Kajonkietsuksa School

Guide To Becoming
A Great Presenter

Fearful of speaking in front of others or being interviewed? New to creating your brand online or in-person? Not sure how to market or present yourself for growth? Want to expand your presenter career but don’t know how? Want to be heard but people don’t listen?

Then our Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Great Presenter eBook is just for you!

Learn how EASY better communications can help YOU to discover your voice, build your confidence and expand your career as a presenter!

If you are looking into a group or 1-on-1 training (in-person or online) on Becoming a Great Presenter that consists of 4 sessions or more, please email us or register for our services!

Become a better version of yourself and remember, YOU ARE ABLE.


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