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Even before the age of digital influencers, becoming influential was a major challenge for anyone. Now, in spite of an ever-growing number of online outlets through which authority, credibility and influence can be developed, it’s exceedingly difficult to carve out a space and a name for oneself that will stand out and earn recognition and respect from the masses.

If becoming influential is difficult, trying to make someone else so must be twice as challenging. Professional coaches working with clients who need help building their influence know how to approach such a challenge. Here, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss how they have gone about helping their clients gain more influence in their respective spaces.

1. Learn To See Yourself As Others Do

I help my client by sharing a side of themselves that they cannot see, serving as a mirror and as an example so they can see that they can wield influence too. I also help encourage them with gentle nudges so they can feel more comfortable speaking in front of the camera, for example. After eight sessions with a client, she is now hosting regular Zoom workshops to sell her product online, and she is being heard. Amazing! – Able Wanamakok, Find Your Voice Asia

2. Share Insights And Perspectives

A great way to increase influence is to increase impact. I often encourage my clients to find ways to share their insights, recommendations and perspectives not only internally but also externally. Adding value to people by freely offering ideas, examples and connections is an end in and of itself. It’s also a surefire way to amplify your personal brand and reputation for generosity. – Joanne Heyman, Heyman Partners

3. Understand The ‘Who’ And The ‘Why’

The first step is to understand who you want to influence and why. Growing your LinkedIn followers is a waste of time if you want to be more influential at your company, for example. Instead, nurture your ideas that aren’t mainstream yet. Build the case for them at company town halls, on the company wiki or in other internal outlets. Being strategic with your influence will grow it faster and more authentically. –Steve Haase, Hypergrowth Coaching, Inc.

4. Use Your Audience’s Language And Context

To influence, you need to first start with an understanding of the other person’s perspective. Tapping into what they need opens the connection and line of communication. What level of detail do they focus on? What are the challenges they are encountering that you can help with? What are their priorities and focus areas? Using their own language and context in your communication goes a long way. – Kristy Busija, Next Conversation Coaching, LLC

5. Develop Self-Awareness And Empathy

Influence isn’t a function of what you say or even what you do. It’s a matter of how you make people feel. In the long run, improving influence means developing greater self-awareness, heightened empathy and high levels of emotional intelligence. People don’t care about how smart you are or how much you know—but what you accomplish and what that means to them says it all. – Philip Liebman, ALPS Leadership

6. Work On Communication Skills

Work on your communication skills, including both verbal and nonverbal communication. Being aware of your tone, language and body language is crucial when it comes to building your image. Every day, we are judged on our body language, and learning how to use this to our advantage is key. Something as simple as making eye contact or smiling can go a long way toward influencing others! – Josephine Kant, Google for Startups

7. Build Trust To Enhance Influence

Leadership is influence—not power, not decision-making rights and not a title. To enhance influence, a person must be trusted. Trust is the bedrock of influence. I recommend a three-part formula: First, get to know people really well; then, consistently act in their best interest. Finally, ask great questions. This approach has turned competent leaders into great leaders who make a lasting difference. – Randy Shattuck, The Shattuck Group

8. Proactively Build Relationships

To be an influencer is to be visible, credible and confident. I coach clients to gain more influence in their career space or with the agency/company they desire. I motivate clients to become proactive relationship-builders by using social media, speaking and targeting other influencers. My clients who gain influence write their own position descriptions and job titles and define their salaries. – Diane Hudson, Career Marketing Techniques, LLC

9. Learn How To Actively Market Yourself

To have greater influence in their career, candidates need to actively market themselves. This includes having what’s conveyed in the résumé, online job profiles and interviews work in concert to match what recruiters, managers and companies are looking for. This is a significant advantage that a career coach can bring, and I’ve seen it result in raises more than doubling candidates’ salaries. – Luke Feldmeier, Online Leadership Training – Career and Leadership Accelerator for Engineers

10. Influence From The Inside

It is so much easier to influence if you are seen as a member of a group rather than an outsider. I helped my client understand what’s important to the people he wanted to influence. We considered questions such as, “What do they value?” and, “Who do they currently listen to?” Once he earned the respect and trust of those people, they became receptive to his influence. – Michele Cohen, Lead to Growth Coaching

11. Be Physically Present And Share Observations

We want to be where influencers are, see what they see and do what they do. To be an influencer, be physically present with others, share what you observe with them and demonstrate alternative responses to what they’re currently doing. My clients tend to focus on the middle by sharing opinions rather than observations, while undervaluing being present and demonstrative. Focus on others. – Theodore May, Theodore May

12. Learn To Listen And Understand Others

An often-overlooked skill that’s needed to become influential is listening. Influence is directly aligned with the ability to understand others. I help my clients to embrace deep listening and ask curious questions to better understand others’ pain points, motivators and worldviews. This allows them to build trust, strengthen relationships and frame their message to address their audiences’ needs. – Jamie Lewis Smith, Pixel Leadership Group, LLC

13. Be Generous, Authentic And Caring

Generosity is the cousin of influence at work. Freely giving your knowledge and talent and showing what you care about begins a cycle of recognition and contribution that drives influence. When you show up for what’s important to you, in a generous and authentic way, it will pique the interest of others. They’ll ask for your rationale and explanation, and then you are influencing their mindset. – Marita Decker,FutureCourse Education

14. Write A Book To Build Credibility

Writing a book is a great way to share your voice, build your credibility and increase your influence. Becoming an author is not only a great achievement but also a differentiating factor that separates you from the pack. My clients who have become authors have gotten more media engagements and speaking opportunities, attracted more business and became more influential. – Jarret Patton, DoctorJarret PLLC

15. Ask Great Questions And Listen Deeply

Want to become more influential? Having influence is about finding solutions, being credible and doing what you say you will do. Instead of worrying about what to say, start by asking great questions and listening deeply. When you understand what the other person wants, get creative; how could you find a way to help the person get what they want while getting what you want at the same time? – Kimberly Svoboda, Aspiration Catalyst®

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