More and more I realize that it’s never my outer accomplishments that makes me feel worthy and loved but the strong relationships I have with those closest to me such as my family and friends that make me feel more grateful for my life.

Since August 25th was my birthday, I feel it’s perfect time to share what I am thankful for and why these feelings of thanks allows me to attract much goodness in my life. Of course I work hard – I work smart too. But honestly, others don’t really care about you in that way. They care more about how you make them feel. So all your hard work, appearance, tasks accomplished are almost already expected. It always comes down to the feelings you give to others that creates impact.

Everyone shares what they love and my love (besides my family and friends) are centered around my work as an MC/Artist/Coach and travel. I love being in nature to re-balance the time I put into building my dreams. Traveling allows us to open our minds, see from a new perspective and learn from the abundance of nature. In that way, we learn more about ourselves and who we really are. We are not our tasks, our thoughts or our bodies but as creators to share a part of our perspective to benefit the greater whole.

We are all unique. We are all important so let’s remember to appreciate others and the beauty around us rather than judge, label and criticize what we see as unfitting. Nature is never build to fit like our minds but it’s perfect as is. Let’s learn from that.

Nature is never build to fit like our minds but it’s perfect as is. Let’s learn from that.

Able Wanamakok

Whenever I speak to women (mainly) or students, there is a curiosity where they seek to build their dreams but not sure how or seek to know the future because they want assurance (which is not always possible). My advice to them is to do it in the present with a clear goal and to consistently pursue it with an open-mind for the future.

Giving up is easy, pursuing your dream is harder. Let go of other’s criticism because their words do not build your dreams but choose to listen to advice of experienced business owners. Find a role model and seek growth. You do not always know everything so creating your dreams is about going with the flow of what arises and understanding the gap between your abilities and those needed by the public.

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Enjoy the beginning of your September!

Able Wanamakok

Founder of Find Your Voice Asia

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