We all want to be heard. That’s what I hear from all my clients, students and friends. We want to be respected, connected and appreciated but our minds can be our own worst enemy. We make poor decisions or are too much in our own ways with feelings of entitlement, righteousness or negative emotions (e.g blaming self or others) that no one will want to be around us – let alone listen to us.

Recently, I hosted a public workshop on How To Speak So Others Want to Listen and here is what was covered:

  1. Speaking Techniques covering HOW to use our vocal toolbox, how NOT to speak and types of communications
  2. How to Engage Better via Online
  3. Reading Skills – Speed reading with good eye coordination

In the 2-hours workshop joined by our Inspired Voices members and public, we practiced how to use our verbal and non-verbals (body language, facial expression and usage of our hands) to increase interaction and use our vocal toolbox. This is not something I can teach you over a journal so if you’re interested, then please sign up 1-on-1 with me by emailing to hello@findyourvoiceasia.com.

Below is a video sharing some practical and useful tips that you can use right now to improve your connection and engagement with others.

We also covered conscious speaking and growing space within to hold others’ presence within our presence. To be able to listen is not easy especially if we are already too in our heads. We will not have any space left for others.

In order to grow space within, we must seek to let-go of the emotions that no longer serve us by seeking the point of origins of those pain and then choosing to keep it or to let-go. This can be a long process as often times it requires courage to see what we do not wish to see within us. This is the hardest for most people and why people stay stuck.

Plus, our ego doesn’t want to let go of those identities that we have grown comfortable in such as e.g. victim or savior mentality. This is not your typical workshop on how to speak so others want to listen but I do want to help the whole person and not only the superficial aspect of them. That’s why it’s important to look within and learn about ourselves through honest communication.

So whether you are seeking to grow brave, confidence or your speaking skills, it all comes from us. We must work on our relationship with ourself first before we can deeply connect with others and it’s all a journey. Are you ready to be a part of the journey with our community’s support?

If so, become a member of Inspired Voices at https://community.findyourvoiceasia.com and ask us any questions you may have at voicesinspired11@gmail.com.

Inspired Voices is a hybrid community open to everyone seeking a safe place to grow brave. It’s a subsidiary of Find Your Voice Asia.

Sending you all peace and love,

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